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This is your chance to reward the Oregon State University Womenís Gymnastics Team for outstanding performances during the 2017 season.

Here is how the 9.5 CLUB works. You make a pledge for a specified amount of money that you will donate every time one of the gymnasts scores a 9.5 or better.  At the end of the season we will tell you the total number of times that our gymnasts scored 9.50 or better.  Multiply that number times the amount that you specified and make a donation for that amount to the OSU Foundation.  The donation is tax deductible and 100% of the money donated goes to the OSU Gymnastics Team.

Before you decide to pledge you need to know what the total number of chances the gymnasts have to score 9.50 or better. The team will definitely participate in eleven meets. Therefore, a score of 9.50 or better is possible 264 times.  After we qualify to Regionalís there are an additional 24 possibities.  Then, if we are fortunate enough to qualify to the NCAA Nationals there will be another 24 chances.

Last year was an outstanding year for the team.  The gymnasts scored 9.50 or better 280  times.

We recommend a minimum pledge of $0.25 per 9.50 or better scored.

Example from last year:
Pledge per 9.50
  = $0.25 x 280  9.5ís for the season  =  a total pledge of  $70

If you would like to join the 9.5 CLUB please fill in the bottom portion of this page and send it to:

Dick Foxal


103 Gill Coliseum

Corvallis, OR   97331-4105

We hope to see you at all of our home meets and thanks again for your support.
Questions? Call (541)737-1969



I hereby pledge a total of $_________for every time a member of the OSU Womenís Gymnastics Team scores a 9.5 or better during the 2017 season.  I understand that I will be billed for the amount pledged at the end of the season.

NAME: ________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________

CITY: ________________________ STATE: _______________ ZIP: _____________

PHONE  NUMBER:   H(              ) ________________ W(              ) ___________________




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