Annie Campbell 
(2000 - 2004)
Bachelor of Arts - '04
 Residence: Kansas City, KS

Update (December '17): I am living in Kanas City, and I am coaching gymnastics.

Memories of OSU Gymnastics:
There are too many.  It was the time of my life and taught me so much.  I made some of my closest friends at OSU and on the gymnastics team.  We went through ups and downs together and itís nice to have friends that went through the same experiences and can truly understand and relate to one another.  Tanya, Michael, and Dickís patience, and hard work, enabled me to learn and grow, which in turn led me to graduate OSU a better, more well rounded person, than when I arrived.  I am grateful for them and my experience with OSU Athletics.  My good memories are endless. :)

Update (August '08):  I am living in Portland Oregon, and I am working at Multnomah Athletic Club.

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