Brooke Barclay
(2006 - 2009)
BA - Interior Design - '10
 Residence: Louisville, KY

Update (July '11):
About 5 months ago I moved to Louisville, KY. I accepted a gymnastics coaching job at Champion Gymnastics and I also get to live near my family. I've been coaching level 2-4 on all events and love it! I also work as a medical records clerk for the University of Louisville's Neurology Department 3 days/week. I am expanding my network in the Louisville area within the design field and continue to aim toward commercial architectural design and/or facilities space planning for a commercial corporation. My newest hobby is cycling/bike riding. I like doing 20-35 mile rides and have set the goal to one day do a "century" ride, which is 100 miles.

Memories of OSU Gymnastics:

So many memories to choose from!! ... I will never forget our first day of practice the year Whit, Mandi, and LA were freshman. BS (Courtney Dennison) had the whole team watching their back so they wouldn't get de-pantsed and she had been planning to de-pants Whit on the first day ... but Whit beat her to it & pulled her shorts up while she was in a handstand!! We all certainly had a great laugh!

The meet that sticks out in my memory is PAC-10s at Stanford my senior year when we went to vault for our 3rd rotation & had the BEST vault score of the season! When we finished up on bars we were all screaming and cheering so loud I almost forgot we were on the road. I had tears and lost my voice from so much excitement because everyone nailed their handstands and their dismounts! We all knew that we gave everything we had, which is the best feeling in the world. That feeling is one of the things I miss the most about competing for OSU! <3

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