Mikel-ann (Bunny Way) Dooher
(1976 - 1977)
Home Economics - '77
 Residence: Newport, OR

Update (July '11 & June '06):
Steve and I have lived in Newport for 29 years now and have 3 great kids, all grown. He is a pharmacist here and I work at Roby's Furniture. We take ballroom dance classes when we can, travel when we can, and go to OSU gymnastics meets and football games when we can! But most of our time is spent with family events, and we enjoy our new little grandbaby!

Memories of OSU Gymnastics:
Back in the days when I competed....well, those were the days of traveling in the school van with brown sack lunches. That's all we knew, though, and we always had a great time. The best memory was probably when we actually got to FLY to Montana for regionals! The worst was probably when we got a flat tire driving home from Boise late one night, and then when we finally got that fixed with the help of a kind passer-by, we hit black ice and rolled the van! Luckily everyone was okay, but we were sure tired after our all-nighter on the road!

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