Carol (Schroeder) Bertolino
(1985 - 1988)
BS Accounting - '88
 Residence: London, England

Update (May '17): I now have a 9 year old son and 8 year old daughter. We live in Orange County California, but are living in London England for 3 years. We are enjoying traveling Europe and exploring many facets of this amazing city. I am part of a expat running group made up mostly of moms from our kids International school. We have over 100 active runners of which approximately 50 show up every Mon, Wed, and Fridays, rain or more rain, to run various routes around the city of London. I am now enjoying the full time role as a Mom, and an American living abroad!

Memories of OSU Gymnastics: So many great memories of my 4 years. Starting out with Ron Ludwig as coach and going to NCAA Nationals!  Working through a change in coaching staff the two following years and settling in with Jim Turpin and Dick Foxal who have proved to be icons at OSU!  Every year having great fun with the new freshmen on the team.  Or the hours in the training room whirlpools and slush buckets with Betsy telling us we still had 5 more minutes.  But one of best memories has to be Tina Barnes not working out for a week, getting acupuncture and taped up for the meet and throwing the best vaults of her life!  Maybe it's the picture of Amy's car in front of Poling Hall with a zillion parking tickets in it!  Or maybe it is Jamie Sherman just being Jamie Sherman.  No, it has to be Halloween with the Nakano twins as grapes and Michelle Gabiola as a Giraffe! But what about our final year and 5 of us paying like $50 a month to live in that crooked little house?  Who can pick just one. They were all so great!

Update (August '06): I moved to Portland, OR after college and worked at Price Waterhouse Coopers as a CPA for 7 years.  I then moved to San Diego and built a speaking, consulting and seminar business in the personal development arena.  I most recently was the CFO of a large real estate development portfolio.  I am now looking to start my family at age 40!  I love all sports and regularly bike, run, spin, golf and ski.  I married in Italy in 2004 and we spent our honeymoon riding the great climbs in the alps and watching the Tour de France!



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