Chari (Knight) Hunter
(1991 - 1994)
Exercise & Sport Science, Applied - '96
EX&SS, Athletic Training - '00
 Residence: NY

Update (March '07): I currently live in New York with my husband, Randy Hunter.  He works in the city at a law firm.  I do some part time jobs - coaching a New Jersey high school gymnastics team, and working as the Fitness Coordinator at a Salvation Army Training School.  We currently have 2 little dogs named Max and Jet.  We don't have kids yet, but one of these days we hope to.

Memories of OSU Gymnastics: Being at OSU was one of the best rewards I received for a lifetime of hard work as a gymnast.  The support of the fans, the support of my teammates, and the support of my coaches - all made my experience one that could never be duplicated.  I think one of the greatest lessons I learned, was how to deal with pressure.  I was not a natural competitor, so had to learn how to handle the pressures.  Though I always struggled with this, I got better at it during my time at OSU.  Facing my fears there, has helped me in facing my fears in life as well.

Oregon Sports Hall of Fame




Randy, Chari, Jet, and Max

Randy & Chari

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