Cynthia Peticolas
(1975 - 1978)
BA - Science - '78
 Residence: Damar, KS

Update (September '18):
I still live in Damar KS, surrounded by black Angus cattle, sunsets that are spectacular, and I still practice dentistry in a one dentist town of Stockton KS. I am fit, lean and still have abs at age 62. I follow gymnastics and am often surprised at the type of skills they now possess! I never thought I would age, but I suppose I am. I truly believe that my years of gymnastics has kept me young at heart and fairly young in stature. I ride horses in endurance events for 50 miles in a 12 hour period. I also enjoy some travel.

Memories of OSU Gymnastics:
I was there in the beginning of gymnastics - and I believe I was one of the first gymnasts to receive a scholarship for gymnastics (paid my tuition senior year). I was involved in gymnastics since Jr. High and improved my skills in Eugene with the Academy there. I did not plan to do gymnastics in college as my parents said I should study to do well in college. What I learned was that when we are busy with sports - it limits our life to being organized and getting studying, working out, and going to class the main priority. I was a science major- and went on to dental school. I generally sat in the airport or bus with my school books studying science classes. I believe that because I was so focused on gymnastics, I was a better student. I graduated with high grades and was accepted the first try into dental school. Gymnastics gave me the ability to use my time well, be focused on the job at hand, and to work hard. Ms. Moore was our coach for the first year, and Ron Ludwig was the coach for the last three.

Update (May '12):
Hello fellow gymnasts.  I am living near the rural city of Stockton Kansas where I am the only dentist in town.  While I work in the town, I live outside of the town about 30 minutes.  Life in the country is good.  I think that because I was a gymnast for so long, that my muscle tone is much better than other 55 year old females -- and I am often taken as much younger than I am.  Thank goodness for good abs.  While other friends from my dental school suffer from back issues, due to all my years of training, I have good posture and good solid core muscles -- which allows me to practice dentistry without any physical issues.  I am happy I invested the time and effort.

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