Elizabeth Jillson
(2000 - 2003)
BA - Liberal Studies - '04;
MS - Education* - '06
(*University of Arkansas)
 Residence: Fayetteville, AR

Update (February '07):
Everyone is probably wondering why and how I made it to Arkansas.  Well I had an opportunity to be a graduate assistant for the University of Arkansas working for the Gymnastics program here. I just graduated in May 2006 with my Master's Degree in Education.  I have enjoyed my time living in Arkansas and I decided to stay.  I currently work for the University of Arkansas in Admissions Office.  I am an Assistant Director and I am a recruiter for the Central Arkansas territory.  So pretty much I talk to high school students and parents all day and tell them to come to the University of Arkansas. My parents are doing great and they miss me.  I still have my cat Jonas and he is doing awesome.  He is still cute and he loves his straws.

Memories of OSU Gymnastics:
I have so many favorite memories at Oregon State.  The coaches  are a huge aspect in making my decision to come to Arkansas and I thank them so much for supporting me in my decision to come here. I think one of my favorite memories was my sophomore year, when Karissa had a picture of a boy on her bedroom door and he was making a crazy face.  Well that crazy face had carried on to almost every team picture that year! Another favorite memory I have would be my junior year at our retreat and Soni, Megan S., Therese, Elaine, and Jerra all did an improv show for us. And it was hilarious.  When Big E was the O Cheerleader and Therese was Pinocchio!

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