Kathy (Brunton) Linn
(1973 - 1976)
BS - Physical Education - '76
 Residence: Memphis, TN

Update (May '12):
Married for 35 years to John Linn. We have 7 children (6 boys and 1 girl), with 4 grandchildren so far. We homeschooled most of the kids in elementary school so I've just gone into "retirement" 3 years ago. John and I keep our love of fitness and movement alive by competing in ballroom dance - placing nationally in both the Senior III Standard (7th) and Latin (3rd).

Memories of OSU Gymnastics:

We were a small band of girls each specializing in 2 or 3 events (very few all around girls) I remember Sheri Ferguson and I would spend most of our time on floor (which we "rolled" out every day!). I was pretty much intimidated by the "equipment". My fondest memories are of Ms. Sylvia Moore - her kindness, her fairness, her encouragement and her laughter - a real joy to be around.

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