Keegan Fitzgerald
(2004 - 2008)
Honors BS - Biology - '08;
Doctorate of Physical Therapy*
- '12
(*Columbia University)
 Residence: Portland, OR

Update (April '16):
I went to physical therapy school in New York after graduation from OSU. I had a wonderful experience in the Big Apple, but then moved to Los Angeles for a year to work after that. I moved back to Portland in 2012 to work at Oregon Health and Science University in the Outpatient Department getting to rehabilitate injuries similar and different to the ones that I had as a gymnast. Since gymnastics I have found a love for snowboarding, sailing, running and backpacking. It's also been wonderful to be home again close to my family.

Memories of OSU Gymnastics:
There are so many beautiful memories, but the best are of my teammates and coaches who I still think about every day. They are wonderful individuals and am so grateful for knowing them. They are an inspiring reminder of living each day to its fullest. One of my favorite memories is of hiking the South Sister with Dick Foxal and D'Anna Piro Foster.

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