Laura-Ann Chong
(2007 - 2010)
Exercise & Sport Science/
Pre-Therapy/Allied Health,
Minor-Psycology - '11
 Residence: Coquitlam, BC,

Update (February '13):
Currently, awaiting a contract from Cirque du Soleil for a contract in a touring show.  Trained with them for 2.5 months in summer of 2012.  In the meantime, working as an independent associate with USANA Health Sciences; an international company that promotes health and provides nutritional supplements, foods, and skin care that are 100% pure and safe for athletes and all to take.  Much of their research is backed by OREGON STATE's very own LINUS PAULING INSTITUTE.  Busy spreading the word about USANA and looking for those in the USANA difference and willing to try out their products.  Also currently coaching gymnastics at Flicka Gymnastics Club - the club I trained with during my comeback year after graduating from OSU.  Also a flexibility coach for swimmers and figure skaters.

Memories of OSU Gymnastics:

One of my most memorable times at Oregon State was 2010 South Central Regional Championships my senior year, when Oregon State finished the meet on a bye and we had to sit and watch the 5-time defending National Champions, University of Georgia Gymdogs, dominate the beam for their final rotation. Calculating the scores after each routine to find out what exactly the next person needed to beat us and take the final spot advancing to Nationals.  Then having it end in a tie.  I recall gripping the hands of Mandi Rodriguez the entire rotation, hearts pounding, breaths shallow, and tears uncontrollably falling from our eyes with the realization that our final season of gymnastics could potentially end right there in that corral.  Knowing Courtney McCool needed exactly a 9.925 as she anchored the beam team and watching her absolutely kill that routine, I felt my heart drop.  Then seeing that exact score pop up.  I had no idea what to think. A TIE??? At Regionals, for second place? What did this mean? Needless to say, the Oregon State Beavers ended up knocking out the 5-time National Champs and we went on to have one of our best National finishes as a team since 1996 and recording the first time for the Beavs ever reached the 196 mark at a National Championships.  Individually, earning the Pac-10 Championship title for the beam that year, and finally getting that All-America Honors, were like a golden stamp on a golden season.  I had the best girls to share it with and will never forget the moments that made us cry - whether it was from success or failure.

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