Leah (McKernan) DeWerff
(1995 - 1998)
BS - Human Development - '98;
M.Ed. - Early Childhood Spec. Ed* -
'02 (*Univ. of Kansas)
 Residence: Kansas

Update (July '11):
After spending a few years in the classroom teaching kindergarten, I am now living my dream of being home with my 14-month-old daughter!

My husband Wade and I are enjoying being parents to our daughter Faith born May 2010. Faith was born 10 weeks early and spent 8 weeks in the NICU. She is most definately our miracle baby and gift from God.

Memories of OSU Gymnastics:

My most fondest memories all come from the time I spent with the team.  We really were like a family with all the good and the challenges that came our way.  One memory I will always remember is getting up at 6am to lift weights at Gill.  It was especially fun when it was winter and none of us freshman had cars!  Since I have been away from gymnastics for 9 years, I have not found anything in life that compares to the atmosphere, the team bond, the day to day pushing your body and mind, and the support that OSU gymnastics brought to my life!

(September '07):
I am living in the Kansas city area.  I married my best friend, Wade on July 21, 2007.  We are enjoying married life!  I keep busy by teaching kindergarten in the De Soto school district.

Update (June '06):
I am living in Shawnee Kansas since moving from Corvallis in July of 2000.  I moved to Kansas to be close to my parents who moved to Kansas in 1998 and to go to graduate school.  After graduating from KU with my masters, I worked a few years and then really felt a calling last year to go back to school for my Elementary Licensure so I can teach elementary.  When I am not busy with work or school, I enjoy staying active (biking, running, etc.)and hanging out with my friends.

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