Mary (Ayotte) Law
(1979 - 1982)
BA - Elementary. Education - '82
MEd. - Education - '85
 Residence: Corvallis, OR

Update (May '07): I am married to my husband of 26 years, Randy Law. We have four children, David, Christina, Sarah and Jaime. I am currently teaching Physical Activity Courses (PAC) at OSU which include Body Sculpting, Gymnastics and Tumbling classes. I am the Director of Gymnastics at a new club in Corvallis, PEAK Elite ( ) All three of my daughters are competing in gymnastics which makes me officially crazy. I continue to serve as floor manager at OSU gymnastics meets and on the board of directors for Varsity O, OSU athletics' alumnae organization. I enjoy gardening, cooking, Bible study, reading and cheering on my children in all their activities.

Memories of OSU Gymnastics:
My favorite memories are our trips together especially Hawaii, Japan, Louisiana (LSU) and Pennslyvania (Penn State). As a coach I can now sympathize with Ron, Brian and Jackie who put up with Kris Femling-Lavin and I getting the giggles and not being able to stop ... during workout! The support of my parents and friends like John and Sue Ann Irving and all the wonderful fans of OSU gymnastics means a lot to me. Every once in a while I smile to myself when I am on the floor at Gill Coliseum as I remember their enthusiasm.

Oregon Sports Hall of Fame

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