Mary (Berg) Ellis
(1978 - 1981)
BS - Business - '81
 Residence: Portland, OR

Update (October '07): My competitive spirit has stayed with me forever.  I have been a Medical Sales Executive for 25 years.  I balance career with my family, husband Bob and two children.  This year my husband and I opened a Karate Dojo in Tigard Oregon.  We're making a difference for today's kids, building character and confidence.

Memories of OSU Gymnastics:
Title IX was implemented while I competed for OSU.  Gill Coliseum was without Women's locker facilities, quick fixes, like curtains were required, an eye opening experience!  Rounding out my favorite memories are my teammate friends, Team Captain duties, the travel, and the half-time tumbling exhibitions at OSU Basketball games on Dad's weekend!

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