Shannon (Hohenschuh) Utter
(1988 - 1990)
BS Biology - '91
 Residence: San Jose, CA

Update (June '09): I have been happily married to my OSU sweetheart, Patrick, for 18 years. We have 4 children, Julia 14 (hopefully future Beaver gymnast!), Hannah 11 (swimmer), Samantha 8 (also a gymnast), and Clayton 5 (future OSU wrestler?). I work at a biotech company, Monogram Biosciences as the Director of Quality Assurance.

Memories of OSU Gymnastics:
2-a-days in the beginning of the year, floor routines choreographed around the post in the floor, Dick's perpetual chuckle, visualization per Jim Turpin (I still remember what my imaginary "room" looked like), the time Joy and I babysat for Jill Hicks and couldn't figure out how to give Jesse a bottle, hours of training room time with Lori, all our #1 fans, the amazing support of the OSU professors in the science department (I think it makes you study a lot harder when your prof picks you out of the room of 200 students and tells you he's going to be at the meet on Friday - Good Luck!)

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