Tanya (Ricioli) Hebron
(2000 - 2004)
Applied Visual Arts - Graphic Design '05
 Residence: California

Update (June '09): In January my husband and I had a baby girl.  She has brought so much joy to our lives.  We are still living in California and enjoying life in the country with our dog (Mico) and cow (Norma Jean).  My husband just completed his second year as a Special Ed Teacher and is still working toward his Masters Degree.  I am taking a break from coaching for now and enjoy staying at home with our daughter, working in our garden and doing projects around the house.  We look forward to taking our daughter to her first OSU Gymnastics meet next season!  Go Beavs!

Memories of OSU Gymnastics:
When I look back, all my memories on the team were great!  And all the difficult situations I faced on the team, I am now able to see how I have grown stronger from those times.  Tanya, Michael and Dick helped to push and challenge us in a way that prepared us for the real world.  I met my very best friend, Tiffani...and so many other life long friends!  It was truly the best 5 years of my life!!

(February '07): My husband Danny and I just recently moved back to my hometown in California.  Danny was accepted into Sonoma State University where he is studying to get his Masters.  I have continued to pursue my life long passion with gymnastics!  I am coaching at the compulsory levels (4-6) with hopes to have some optional gymnasts next year!  This year Windsor Gymnastics Center celebrated their first ever state all-around champion!  Tanya, Michael and Dick, you better keep your eye on this one...she's only a level 4 right now, but she's an animal!  My dream is to someday be a coach at the collegiate level and help others experience what I was able to experience.

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