Thérèse (Videan) Abrams
(2002 - 2005)
Business Admin./ Accounting - '06
 Residence: Hillsboro, OR

Update (May '16):
Working full time as a licensed CPA (who has nothing at ALL to do with taxes) with a software company managing their contracts and revenue accounting. We have two kids, Simon (age 4) and Karis (almost 2) who keep us very busy.

Memories of OSU Gymnastics: Oh geez, memories of the team? Where to start... Well, I absolutely loved my coaches - they made my entire experience at Oregon State so wonderful, and having the opportunity to work with them my fifth year was a great experience for me. My teammates were what gave me the memories. I think everyone who has gone through the gymnastics program can relate when I say that there are some things that people wouldn't understand why they make you smile. Like Liz's (Jillson) sketch of the "beaver leotard" from our team retreat freshman year. I admit that I'm glad that one didn't make it past Tanya. And the time Heather and I watched Ice Age seven times in five days, and can still quote the movie forward and back. I could go on...but I'll save more for later.

Update (February '07): I graduated in the spring of 2006 and moved up to Beaverton with my husband Dan in the fall. I am working for an accounting firm in the audit department, and I am experiencing what a "busy season" is like by working more than I care to. But I enjoy the work and the people. I am currently studying for the CPA exam to become a licensed accountant, and so far I have taken and passed two of the four sections. I am hoping to finish by this upcoming summer, but it's hard to get motivated to study again once you\'re out of college. I know at least someone agrees with that :)  Dan is working at a golf course in Hillsboro and looking forward to all the golf he is going to be playing this summer.

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