Tina (Barnes) Hermans
(1985 - 1988)
BS Corporate Fitness - '89
MS Exercise Physiology* - '93
(*UW - La Crosse)
 Residence: Seattle, WA

Update (October '12): I'm the Boeing Industrial Athlete Program Manager for the Everett Site now. Injury prevention is the name of our game!

(July '06): I'm married to a wonderful man and we have a fabulous little girl, who's into all sports.  I've worked at The Boeing Co. since 1990 as an Exercise Physiologist in their medical department.  I build the bodies that build the airplanes!  I earned my masters degree in 1993 at the Univ. of Wisconsin - LaCrosse and returned to Boeing.  Since OSU, I've been active with outdoor sports (mt biking, snowboarding, windsurfing,...etc.) and with a strong competitive spirit, I'm always challenged to let go of the "race" and rather, enjoy the moment!

Memories of OSU Gymnastics: My years as an OSU gymnast were an incredible experience of teaming, training, and developing life long relationships with girls I’d call “family”. We shared successes, defeats, tears, and laughter in the gym and in competition. I have memories of spending quiet, holiday breaks on campus with my gymnastics “family” in the gym. I remember how much fun we had as a team choreographing warm-up dances – like the one to Footloose. I recall the high energy of the Corvallis community and OSU students cheering us on at home and at away meets. I remember the large OSU flags waved by fans, the song "We are Beavers one, we are Beavers all, and when we get together, we do the Beaver call (make the beaver sounds)!", and the crowds working "The Wave" around the coliseum or arena. I spent a lot of time in the gym, but just about as much time in the Athletic Training Room standing in icy whirlpools or getting taped up by the Athletic Trainers, Betsy or Lori. Great times, great coaching staff, and great memories! 1984-85 Freshman year with Ron Ludwig, Bryan Lea, Linda Parker and athletic trainer, Betsy, was a fun year.  LOTS of laughs with that gang!  Grand memories of ringing in 1985, New Years Eve, in Hawaii!  If you were there, you are smiling right now.  Great years with Jim Turpin, Dave, Dick, Jill and the athletic trainer, Lori.  Too much time in the training room whirlpool with the neoprene toe covers (if you were lucky) and burned by the ultrasound held in one place.  Scars from the tape on my ankles and lower legs have finally disappeared.  I think my hips are still discolored from the double wrap eagles and hecht dismounts on the thick wooden bars.  Where did the ski floor disappear to?  Witnessed Linda Pierce and Shannon Gimbl each peel off the bars in a straight body luge position into the pit wall...perhaps landing in a broken lawn chair position.  What a trip down amnesia lane... :)



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