To Join the Boooster Club for the 2017-2018 Season online, visit the following page on
Gymnastics Giving
[ You can also print the following application, complete and mail the bottom half
to the noted address ... 2017-18 Booster Club Application (PDF). ]

On the above  " Gymnastics" giving page you will see
the current season's giving levels and benefits.

To Join the 10.0 Booster Club (or just donate  to OSU Gymnastics), ...
click on the " Join the 10.0 Club" link below the Benefits chart ...
this will take you to an OSU Foundation website ...
... on this " Our Beaver Nation" webpage, the donation's " Designations" is pre-selected as
" Gymnastics/10.0 Club" . Enter a " Donation Amount" that meets a 10.0 membership-level.

If you are wanting to join the Booster Club
, I would also suggest entering a note in the
" Comments or Special Instructions" box noting the Membership Level at which you are intending to join! If you do not want to join the Booster Club, and/or wish to have 100% of your donation be tax-deductible, enter in this same box the sentence:
" I wish to decline all benefits associated with my giving level."

Next, enter your " Contact Information" , click " Next> > " (if you have dionated previously you will likely be told to select your existing " profile" from a list), the next page  will be the " Billing Information" page.


Click on the link below to read or print the Club's Constitution and By-laws.

Constitution/By-laws (PDF)

For the above PDF document  requires Adobe Reader to view and print,

(PDF files) click here to download the Adobe Reader: 



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