To Join the Boooster Club for the 2017-2018 Season online, visit the following page on
Gymnastics Giving
[ You can also print the following application, complete and mail the bottom half
to the noted address ... 2017-18 Booster Club Application (PDF). ]

On the above "Gymnastics" giving page you will see
the current season's giving levels and benefits.

To Join the 10.0 Booster Club (or just donate  to OSU Gymnastics), ...
click on the "Join the 10.0 Club" link below the Benefits chart ...
this will take you to an OSU Foundation website ...
... on this "Our Beaver Nation" webpage, the donation's "Designations" is pre-selected as
"Gymnastics/10.0 Club". Enter a "Donation Amount" that meets a 10.0 membership-level.

If you are wanting to join the Booster Club
, I would also suggest entering a note in the
"Comments or Special Instructions" box noting the Membership Level at which you are intending to join! If you do not want to join the Booster Club, and/or wish to have 100% of your donation be tax-deductible, enter in this same box the sentence:
" I wish to decline all benefits associated with my giving level."

Next, enter your "Contact Information" , click "Next>>" (if you have dionated previously you will likely be told to select your existing "profile" from a list), the next page will be the "Billing Information" page.


Click on the link below to read or print the Club's Constitution and By-laws.

Constitution/By-laws (PDF)

For the above PDF document  requires Adobe Reader to view and print,

(PDF files) click here to download the Adobe Reader: 



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