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Intro. Guide to this website:

Welcome to the Website, here is a short tour of what you can currently find on the website, and where to find it, and also some things that may be added in the future.

The " What's New?" page, linked only from the home page, is the primary source of information on the most recent updates to the website.

-On the " Team Roster" page are links to each gymnast's individual page, which includes previous high scores from their careers, photo's from previous seasons, and also links to their official bio's on the OSU Gymnastics website.

-From this page, under the page " Features" are a fan's 2004 season preview and meet reports/comments for most of last year's meets! Under " Current Articles" you can find links to news articles from the current  season, from sources such as the Corvallis Gazette-Times, the Daily Barometer, and other miscellaneous online news sources " Articles" contains similar links for previous seasons.   Under " Newsletters" are the three newsletters from the 2004 season, we plan to add the features from the current year's newsletters after the first newsletter is published in December. As the newsletters are archived then they would become available to everyone.

-On the " Calendars" page we have a listing of the currently scheduled Booster Club events. Schedules for any upcoming TV broadcasts of OSU gymnastics (or other gymnastics events that might be of interest) would also be included.

-Under the " Meet  Photos" page there are currently many " Photos" from the last two seasons, and the current 2004 season organized into photo pages for each meet.   The " Event Photos" page will contain gymnast's photos from Booster Club events or other non-competition photos a Boosters page for photos of boosters. (If anyone has photos in a digital form, that they would like to " donate" for use on this website please let us know by sending an e-mail to the address at the bottom of the page.)   The " Misc. Photos" page is for miscellaneous OSU gymnastics photos.

-On the " Membership" page is the table of Booster Club Benefits versus the level of membership donation.   Also on this page are the Membership Application and the Constitution and By-laws under which the club is operated.   Under " Benefits" are a listing and description/photo(s) of many of the benefits that are part of the different membership levels.

-On the " Club Info" page you can find the list of Officers and Board members of the Booster Club. The mailing address for the Club, and e-mail contact info for the individual board members can be found on the " Contact" Page.

-On the " Links" pages are collections of links to various sites of interest to gymnastics fans, broken into a number of categories.

* The " NCAA page contains links to a variety of Official gymnastics sites (for rankings, collegiate team sites, college coaches organization, and the NCAA official site and documents.)

* The " Unofficial" page contains links to fan created pages that provide general information and links, for collegiate gymnastics and message boards, including a message board dedicated to OSU Gymnastics (this site is not affiliated with Oregon State University Gymnastics or this Booster Club).

* The " General" page contains links to non-NCAA gymnastics related sites, like " USA Gymnastics" , etc.

* The " Photo" page contains links to a number of gymnastics photography sites, some NCAA gymnastics (including OSU gymnasts), and other artistic and rhythmic gymnastics.

A feature article from the inaugural 10.0 Booster Club Newsletter,
a message from the three 2004 Team Co-Captains:

Captain's Corner

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