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2005 Season: Selected Gazette-Times Articles
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Dec. 19, 2004

  Long Road to Recovery - Meghan Jones (photo)

  Jan. 6th

  Beavers setting lofty goals (photo)

  Jan. 14th

  Nelson gets a second chance (photo)

  Jan. 15th

  Ingalls happy to be healthy (photo - meet report)

Jan. 21st

  Finding her balance again - Jacey Draper (photo)

Jan. 22nd

  Videan shines in loss (photo - Nelson)

  Jan. 28nd

  An astounding classroom discovery! (photo - Sedlak)

  Jan. 29th

  Stanford meet report

Feb. 4th

  Ready for her dream day! (photo - Piazza)

Feb. 5th

  Beavers stage a drama (photo - Devencenzi)

Feb. 11th

  Plourde battling ... ! (photo - Chelsea)

Feb. 18th

  Devencenzi's gamble pays off!! (photo - Megan)

Feb. 26th

  OSU hits all of its routines! (photo - Plourde)

Mar. 4th

  Lamb adjusting to life in Oregon! (photo - Yuki)

  Mar. 5th

  Videan seals the win (photo - Thérèse)

Mar. 15th

  Veteran Assistant (Dick Foxal - photo)

Mar. 25th

  She loves to show off (Chrissy - photo)

Mar. 27th

  Beaver gymnasts third at Pac-10 meet

Mar. 29th

  Gymnasts assigned to Salt Lake City (photo-team)

Apr. 5th

  No Regrets for OSU's Videan (photo)

Apr. 9th

  OSU playing mind games (photo-team)

Apr. 10th

  Beavers' season comes to an end

Apr. 11th

  Beaver gymnasts already looking forward

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