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2004 Season

*Click on links below for a  season preview, and meet reports/comments written by Robert Martinez (and " gently" edited by Richard Thomas).

Season Preview Meets: @Super-Six Challenge CSU-F Washington @California @ASU Arizona @UCLA Stanford Salbasgeon Suites Invitational @Utah @Pac-10's Regionals @Nationals

A Fan's Perspective on what to look for in the upcoming 2004 Season!

written by Robert Martinez

Today, January 2nd, marks the official beginning of NCAA Gymnastics with several teams competing in their first meet. This officially kicks off the 2004 Gymnastics season!! How exciting is that?!

Even MORE exciting is that in just seven days our very own Beavers will be competing in THEIR season opener at the Super Six Challenge in Tuscaloosa!! GO BEAVS!!

This season looks to be incredibly exciting and the athletes have big goals which we as BEAVER BELIEVERS know they can accomplish! I love that they are setting their goals high and making this as MEG-magnificent season! Of course, meaning that this is a season dedicated to our own Meghan Jones...Meghan --- we’re still thinking of you!!

Ranked as the number 11 team in the country from the pre-season coaches poll, the Beavers are surely recognized as a team that could make that impact at NCAA's come April. They are the ONLY team ranked in the top 12 that did not qualify to last years NCAA's.

Many schools in 2003 were knocked out of NCAA's by the slimmest of margins.. Our own Beavers and UW Huskies missed out by .025, where one other school went into a regional tie breaker proving that EVERY routine is vital (not just the top five on each event!)

So what does 2004 hold for our Beavers?? Only time will tell but, boy, do we fans have plenty to be excited about!!

The Beavers lost three routines from last season: 1. The amazing All-American bar routine from Elizabeth Jillson and 2/3 the spectacular routines from Meghan Jones on vault and bars. This season we would expect to see the other 21 in the lineup but a few things could be a factor. The 2004 pre-season intra-squad did not feature Pac-10 athlete of the Week Lindsay Nelson and Freshman Keegan Fitzgerald & those in attendance saw Daylee Ingalls injured as she attempted a double tuck. The status of those athletes have yet to be officially mentioned. Added to this year’s roster include red-shirt Annie Campbell and two new freshman: Chelsea Plourde and Keegan Fitzgerald. The most exciting factor is that the Beavers are DEEP! Each athlete will be working hard to keep her spot in the lineup!!


This year's team boasts at least 8 athletes who are capable of performing a vault valued at a 10 !! Six of those athletes who return from last season include: Heather Justus, Angela Morales, Thérèse Videan, Lindsay Nelson, Tanya Ricioli and Daylee Ingalls. Justus, Morales and Videan all perform a powerful piked front 1/2 where Nelson, Ricioli and Ingalls perform the popular Yurchenko 1/2 laid out front (Hristekeva). Freshman Chelsea Plourde will be a major factor in the lineup as she can throw an amazing full twisting Yurchenko. Watch for Annie Campbell to make an impact on vault as well with her Hrisekeva.

Uneven Bars:

Five athletes who competed on a record-setting bar team in 2003 will be back in 2004. Lindsay Nelson, Tanya Ricioli, Chrissy Lamun, Heidi Goehring and Thérèse Videan all contributed towards breaking the uneven bars school record at least once last season. Look for each of these athletes to return on bars. Other athletes to look for on bars include Annie Campbell and Chelsea Plourde. All athletes are training 'E' dismounts off bars. 'E' being the most difficult you can perform. Watch for a possible of THREE full twisting double layouts of bars from Nelson, Goehring and Plourde!

Balance Beam :

The entire Beam squad is back Tanya Ricioli, Elaine Yoder, Daylee Ingalls, Chrissy Lamun, Lindsay Nelson and Angela Morales. But, you can't count out Annie Campbell or Chelsea Plourde! Annie Campbell was the anchor on balance beam in 2002 and Chelsea Plourde had the highest of all beamers at the 2004 pre-season intra-squad! Heidi Goehing also competed on beam during the 2003 season and we could see Goehring on this event as well.

Floor Exercise:

Floor is where the Beavers boast the Pac-10 Conference Champion in Sophomore Chrissy Lamun. But that is not all, Annie Campbell is the 2002 Western Regionals Floor Exercise Champion and the only All-American accolade on this Beaver team belongs to Tanya Ricioli who received her recognition on floor!! Also returning from last season on floor are Heather Justus, Angela Morales and Lindsay Nelson. Justus, Morales and Nelson all are training a double layout mount!! Our final returnee is Thérèse Videan who has changed ALL of her tumbling as we saw at the intra-squad. She now mounts with a very powerful piked front through to a double back pike!! So awesome.. although I have to admit I will miss her second pass from the previous two seasons (whip immediate 1 1/2 twist - layout!) Others to watch for on floor include freshman Chelsea Plourde and Heidi Goehring...

This team is going to be incredible. So much depth, so much talent, so much heart. It truly will be a MEG-nificent season!! And that, my friends, is just a Fan's perspective. :-)



  Super-Six Challenge, January 9, 2004, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

It was so exciting to be able to be at the Season Opener, of course things didn't go as planned, but what an excitement to be there for the start of the season...

After all that the team had to do to just GET to Tuscaloosa, plus missing the practice meet ... they really fought hard and had some great highlights even though they finished 5th in the meet .. they had a combined five falls including two on bars and floor exercise...

Just some quick notes.. Bars:   Their three minute touch warm ups were AWESOME! They looked like they were so ready to go.. Thérèse Videan started the team out strong as the lead off.. Heidi Goehring took some extra swings in her bar set, but still went through her whole bar set, making sure she got her bonus, but fell on her full twisting double layout.. Annie was looking fantastic on bars hitting every single handstand.. so impressed with Annie on bars, but she too came up short on her double layout.. the top score went to Chrissy with a 9.8

Beam.. Probably the BEST beam team for the BEAVERS that I can remember! These six athletes are going to go for a school record this season!!! They hit every beam routine.. hardly a wobble amongst the six!! But, the judges would not go higher than a 9.825 as FOUR of the last beamers got the same score.. Pretty ridiculous scores for these outstanding routines.. should have all gone 9.9+ IMO.. Angela, Elaine, Chrissy, Tanya, Chelsea, and Annie.. it was a Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow!!! Awesome Beam set!!

Floor ... two falls from Tanya and Chrissy. Both perfect routines except for the falls, Double tuck dismount for T. and the piked mount for Chrissy.... Thérèse's floor was incredible too! Her first and last passes were perfect! Loved her new middle pass too.. whip 1/2 - full - piked front! And only the second Beaver ever to land a double layout in competition... Way to go Angela!! Annie rocked in the anchor position, her 9.85 score was much too low!

Vault... no sticks from any Beaver but they made it through the competition. The highest beam score went to Chelsea for her full twisting Yurchenko.. 9.775...

All-Around.. have to give it up to Chelsea Plourde, in her first collegiate meet ever, she scores a 39+ score!!! 39.100 for the new freshman, I would guess that is a Beaver first??

Was so glad that I made it to the meet to see my Beavers in action.. (although I had to get my self to Seattle then fly to Birmingham) The Beavers will no doubt be back next week and shake this one off as we'll be at home next Friday night!!




OSU vs. CSU-F, January 16, 2004, Corvallis

Fans were finally treated to watching the Beavers at home

What a fun meet and we saw some AMAZING Gymnastics... Beavers scored a 195.075 .. and you know I thought the judging was harsh in Alabama!! Competing at home is supposed to be an advantage... scoring in Oregon can be downright brutal!! I mean, when was the last time we saw a 10 in Gill? I think we need to go back to 2001 where the NCAA vault runner up Katrina Severin received a '10' for her vault...

Beavers began on vault.. no perfect sticks, but nice vaults ... Heather Justus started out the rotation with an amazing vault, a small hop on her front pike... one of the score guys put up a 9.9! I thought they gave her the 9.9, but he messed up .. he was supposed to put the 9.9 start value score card instead.. wishful thinking, but that vault was pretty spectacular! Chelsea Plourde moved up to the anchor position from last week where she got the highest score of the night ... 9.8 for an awesome Yurchenko full... Thérèse Videan also had a very nice piked front 1/2... judges were pretty tight on vault... I guess this is a good thing.. so you don’t get shocked when you get to a Regionals or Nationals and wonder why the scores all of a sudden dropped!

Bars.... Go Bars! Wow.. Six incredible bar sets... the judges were no doubt looking for EVERY handstand and the Beavers gave them what they were looking for.. perfect handstands routine after routine, it was AWESOME! Led off by Thérèse Videan.. she drilled her double layout in the ground, perfect stick and nailed a 9.875.. awesome handstands as always.. Heidi Goehring landed her full twisting double layout.. it was gorgeous! That skill really tops off her incredible routine, again.. handstands were awesome.. Chrissy also very nice handstands.. and of course Tanya won bars with her routine.. very different looking from the rest, only one step back on her double front dismount.. very nice bar set from all the Beavers.. they broke the school record twice last season, they are no doubt going for another bars school record this season as well!! And this is without Lindsay and Meghan in the bars lineup!!

Beam.. here is where the scoring was so tight... Nadia herself could not have gotten a 9.9 from these judges! The top score was a 9.8 going to a Cal State Fullerton gymnast.. our beam team is awesome... they did fantastic, Angela started the beam team in Morales fashion... very solid, consistent as always.. to a 9.775!! Solid score, but thought it could have gone higher.. Elaine looked stunning also, wobbled on her side split.. but an otherwise gorgeous routine.. Chrissy fell on her front tuck.. but after the fall went through the most amazing beam routine.. and she put in her side the PIKED position! Love that skill.. nailed her 1 1/2 dismount.. I would have given it a 9.5... after the fall it was AWESOME! Tanya hit beautifully .. and I think one judge gave her a 9.6 ?!! I think I saw a 9.75 from one judge.. I'm not sure where they came up with that score.. she was short on her handstand but nailed her flip flop, flip flop two foot layout... Chelsea was next, is this girl really a freshman.. she looks like a seasoned veteran on every event!! Her beam was so spectacular.. her two foot layout mount was perfection! gainer back handspring to back handspring to layout step-out.. again perfect.. side aerial was awesome.. just the teeniest of hops on her 1 1/2 dismount.. and how she got that 9.750 score.. who knows!! I was for sure thinking 9.9.. It was soooo good, people around me who hardly ever stand up were standing up in applause.. very spectacular! Annie closed out the rotation with a solid routine of her own.. 9.775..

Floor Exercise --- Awesome choreography, amazing skills.. what a fun event this is going to be all season long.. Thérèse Videan on floor.. is so solid, love the new routine.. perfect for her.. nailed the piked front through to a double pike opening.. whip 1/2 full second pass.. great start for the Beavers.. Chelsea another one with amazing choreography and dance.. so fun to watch.. Angela Morales hit her double layout the best ever!! It was so AWESOME!! She was going through a perfect floor exercise.. but had to much power on her double pike close and sat it down.. oh that was such an awesome routine going.. she was looking at a HUGE Score... Tanya was next.. very nice routine.. small bobble on her double tuck dismount.. Chrissy fell out of bounds on her double pike mount, took the full twist out of her second pass... went with a front-layout-layout.. still great dance... Chrissy will no doubt be back in Pac 10 floor champion style! The crowd was grateful to see Annie back on the floor, she was short on her full in opening and her double pike dismount, but nailed her piked front through to double pike middle pass..

Nice night for the Beavers.. great gymnastics.. good crowd.. we'll still need to bring in some more fans to see our Awesome Beavers!! OSU will need to do great next week when the Huskies come to town.. should be a fun meet.. we'll see you there!!



OSU vs. UW, January 23, 2004, Corvallis

Fans were finally treated to watching the Beavers at home

Wow!! This was such an exhausting meet! It was so much fun though.. Beavers gave it their all and did not give up to take the win away from Washington.. and just barely!!

Beavers began on vault and had problems right from the get go.... the first vaulter Heather Justus sat down her piked front and later in the rotation Thérèse Videan changed her vault to a piked front and sat it down also... the top vaulter for the Beavers was Chelsea Plourde.. incredible full twisting Yurchenko , slight hop back for a 9.850.... The Beavers were in a hole at a 48.0 something while the Huskies had a six for six set on Bars

Huskies were ahead by more than a full point going into the second rotation! It did not look good for the Beavers, but boy they did not give up! Beavers took to the bars, where they went six for six.. this Bars’ team is incredible!!! Ranked #2 in the nation, they showed why tonight... Thérèse Videan started out the rotation.. hoping on her dismount and starting the scoring off with a 9.825.. Chelsea, Heidi, Chrissy, Annie and Tanya all went up and hit incredible routines... 9.9,9.9, 9.875,9.9, 9.925 !! Awesome routines.. perfect handstands and a stuck dismount for most .. only hops for Heidi on her full twisting double layout and Annie's double layout.. but boy were the handstands on tonight! 49.5 for the Beavers they really closed the gap.. as UW had an ok but not great showing on vault.. Had two vaults I saw were valued at only a 9.8.. two Yurchenko layouts from their first two vaulters

Beavers to Balance Beam.. UW to the floor... A good start for the Beavers on beam, but it got better and better. Fall for Chrissy on her one handed handstand... she got a 9.4 ! Stuck her 1 1/2 twisting dismount.. 9.9 from Tanya's beam routine and a 9.925 for Chelsea Plourde.. her two foot layout mount is sooooo solid! Annie closed the beam rotation with a very nice 9.9.. great job for the Beavers .. they just weren't giving up .. and they closed the gap to 3 tenths going into the final rotation.

The final rotation.. the Beavers went six for six on Beam.. so nice to See Chrissy hit her double pike opening and her dance is unmatchable.. she is so great to watch on floor.. Thérèse Videan started out the rotation solidly hitting her front through to a double pike and nailed the rest of her tumbling.. a 9.750, but I think she lost something in her dance.. Chelsea Plourde continued to impress hitting a 9.8.. I thought it would have gone higher, but it was good enough to give her a 39.475 all around total and the win in the all-around! Nice job for Plourde! Angela Morales, Tanya Ricioli also hit all their passes.. Tanya went 9.9 and boy did she nail her double pike and double tuck perfectly! It was AWESOME!! At the end it came down to the wire after Molly Seaman of UW hit a 9.950 on beam.. (she was so steady on beam and stuck her dismount).. anyhow.. it was all Annie Campbell who needed a 9.9 to make it win number 100 for coach Chaplin.. and she hit all her passes! it was Awesome.. she wasn't short on her passes like she was last week.. she was fantastic!! No way she couldn't get the 9.9.. one judge tossed the 9.95 and the other was a 9.850.. that got booed, but the 9.9 clinched the win!!!

What a fun meet!!! So great to see the Beavers not give up and give it their all.. and they came home with their second win this season at home.. Next we'll be traveling to Berkeley where we'll see them put their talent out in an away meet!

Well see you there!



OSU @ California-Berkeley, January 30, 2004, Berkeley

Oregon State was without Annie tonight.. but they proved that they are indeed a deep team as the athletes that replaced Annie did a great job tonight...

The Cal meet had two women's teams.. and three Men's team all running at the same time, so I didn't really get to see the Cal team much.. Oregon State started the night on bars... this team is quite phenomenal! Starting out with Thérèse Videan.. she hit her handstands as usual and nailed her double layout dismount.. Heather Justus, who was replacing the injured Campbell, was going very strong on bars but missed her piked Jaeger and scored a 9.075... The other four athletes stayed on and the Beavers began the night with a solid 49.100.. Chelsea Plourde had an outstanding bar set.. every handstand was perfect and her double layout was a perfect stick! Heidi took out the full twist from her dismount but still scored solid 9.8.. Chrissy began her first ever all-around effort by posting a 9.775.. and Tanya anchored with a 9.85.. awesome routine.. just a couple steps on her double front dismount.

On to vault.. Chrissy STUCK her Yurchenko layout.. her score of 9.575 was way too low... also too low was Heather Justus’ 9.75 for a stuck piked front.. super power amazing distance.. don't know where that score came from! Thérèse Videan ran strong but had some problems and tucked her vault... and landed on her back.. ouch!... Angela Morales scored a 9.85 on a super powerful piked front 1/2.. Tanya who moved up in the vaulting lineup scored a 9.3 after putting her hands down on her Yurchenko 1/2 laid out front... Chelsea Plourde anchored with one hop back on her Yurchenko full and scored a 9.825

The beavers were forced to count a miss on vault.. and they were behind the bears going into the third rotation....

I didn't see much of Cal but I could hear from the announcer that they had a gymnast post a 9.95 on vault and I saw Monique Chang stick her full twisting double tuck dismount off bars.. she scored a 9.875 which ended up tying our Chelsea Plourde for first on bars...

Oregon State on floor.. Heather Justus was back in the floor lineup, solid and consistent as ever scoring a lead off 9.775.. very clean routine.. Thérèse nailed her tumbling and scored a 9.8 for a fantastic routine, I would have thought it would go higher.. Chelsea Plourde stepped out of bounds on her opening double pike mount, but danced through a great set for a 9.725.. Angela is hitting her double layout very nicely each meet.. she stuck her double pike dismount and scored a 9.825 to set up the Pac-10 floor exercise Champion.. Chrissy Lamun... Chrissy gave the performance we know her for.. and why she is the reigning Pac-10 champion.. hit every tumbling run.. and her dance is amazing... great presentation and scored a 9.925.. Tanya Ricioli kept the momentum going adding another 9.925.. Tanya did a fantastic job, she nailed her double pike mount and double tuck dismounts perfectly.. it was an awesome rotation for the Beavers. and it put them in the lead going into the final rotation.

Beavers went to beam where the scoring was way harsh! Angela had an incredible lead off routine but only got a 9.7... Elaine Yoder another nice set but only 9.725.. not sure what the judges were looking for although one judge was consistently on a low side! Heidi Goehring did fantastic as the replacement for Annie but again only 9.725.. Chrissy Lamun had what the judges were looking for.. she nailed her punch front mount.. hit her front aerial to back handspring (no 1 handed back handspring or piked aerial), but it was still good enough for the beam high of 9.85.. she stuck her dismount and was very fluid.. Tanya Ricioli missed her handstand but nailed everything else in her beam set, and one judge gave her a 9.6!! harsh score that resulted in a 9.7 final score for T. Chelsea finished off the night hitting her beam routine.. it was amazing.. hit all of her skills down to the nailed 1 1/2 twisting dismount.. gorgeous!! one judge went 9.8, the other 9.9 for a 9.85 finish.. The scores on beam were way harsh... and it left the Beavers in second place as the Bears were hitting 9.85+ scores on floor...

Over all a great meet for the Beavers, just need to get the consistency on vault and they will be right up with the best.. that's even with this team that is down four athletes!

Of note: Chrissy Lamun hit a 39+ in her first ever all around effort.. she is the FIFTH member of this Beaver squad to have a 39.. she joins Chelsea Plourde, Annie Campbell, Lindsay Nelson and Tanya R-Hebron as the others that have scored a 39 in the all around!!!

Chelsea Plourde has hit a 39 at every meet this season!! She added a bars, beam, and all around title to her resume .. she's just racking them up!

Nice job tonight.. we'll see them next week in Tempe.. fun night, but the scores were kind of tight..

See ya next week!



OSU @ ASU, February 6, 2004, Tempe

Way impressed with the Beavers in Tempe!! They did a fantastic job hitting a 196.700 in an AWAY meet! Have to admit I was extremely frustrated with the scoring on bars and floor but there really isn't anything you can do about it.. but it really takes away from enjoying a meet when scoring SEEMS to be lopsided...

Every time you enter another arena you just never know how they are going to run the meet... they could be running the events simultaneously, you could be straining to hear your schools floor ex music but need to pull out your ear plugs for theirs, etc.. etc.. ASU was no different in that it was different from what I was used too.. they ran vault and bars at the same time and then alternated when the teams went to beam and floor...

Oregon State started the night on bars and they went six for six! Awesome routines... Thérèse Videan is so under-rated .. her bar set was absolutely incredible... perfect handstands and an effortless double layout.. stuck perfectly!! Only a 9.825, good score... but as time would tell not consistent with what scores would come. Heather Justus in her second official bar set caught the piked Jaeger she missed last week and stood up her toe on tuck front dismount to post a 9.75. Great job for Heather who replaced Annie on bars. Chelsea Plourde had an amazing bar set hitting every handstand and took one step back on her double layout dismount to post a 9.875.. Heidi Goehring took a lunge forward on her double layout dismount and posted a 9.825... Chrissy Lamun followed with a 9.875 and Tanya Ricioli-Hebron anchored bars scoring a 9.725. Tanya had a great bar set but took a few steps back on her double front dismount...

Great start for the Beavers as they posted a 49.150 and was leading the competition after one rotation as ASU scored a 49.050 on vault...   ASU on vault.. caught a few vaults... a very nice piked front 1/2 from one of their athletes and Maggie Germaine anchored with a 9.9.. she had a nice Hristekeva.

We knew our Beavers were deep on every event and we knew that they could be spectacular on vault when they do what they are capable.. and they did that as they went six for six on the event that was giving them problems this season... Chrissy Lamun started the Beavers off throwing a Yurchenko layout.. she hopped out of it and matched her career high of 9.575... PERFECT stick for Heather Justus... It was a beauty! but the judges weren't going to let go of a perfect score and she got a 9.775... Nice to see Thérèse Videan hit her vault, she hopped back on her piked front 1/2 for a 9.8 and Angela Morales hopped out of her EXTREMELY powerful piked front 1/2 for a 9.85... Tanya Ricioli took a few steps forward on her Yurchenko 1/2 laid out front to post a season high 9.825 and Chelsea Plourde anchored the Beavers with a team best 9.875... A 49.125 vault total!!! Awesome job for the Beavers on vault!

ASU was scoring huge on bars.. they actually posted an all time best bar set total of 49.525... The 9.9's were flying on bars.. I did see some very nice sticks on the dismounts... but what I saw it did not seem consistent with scoring for our Beavers... ASU took the lead at the halfway point...98.550 to 98.275...

Our Beavers took the floor as ASU headed for Beam... Heather Justus solid as ever.. 9.8 lead off score on floor. Thérèse Videan had a fall on her opening pass (front through to a double pike) for a 9.05. Chelsea Plourde hit a fantastic floor set! She nailed everything.. and somehow only scored a 9.825!! Way too low... Angela Morales NAILED her double Layout.. her routine was amazing.. slight trouble on her double pike dismount.. as she took some steps back, but it was a great routine for Angela and she scored 9.875.. Chrissy Lamun hit another incredible floor routine.. Absolutely AWESOME!! No question why she is the reigning Pac-10 champion on this event! And so worthy of a huge score.. one judge responded with a 9.950... and the post from the second judge got a yell from at least one fan 'What's with the 9.85 on floor!!' Ok, that was me, but the frustration on floor only got worse in the last rotation!! Tanya anchored the Beavers hitting another fantastic floor set to close the rotation.. She scored a 9.925.. awesome job for the Beavers.. they scored a 49.325 and were looking for a huge team score with only the balance beam to go...

ASU had some problems on balance Beam... had to count a fall as two Sun Devils came off the beam including their top all-arounder Maggie Germaine.. they looked good on beam, but had some problems.. way impressed with A..Kelly on beam.. she does a DOUBLE full off the side of the beam.. she won beam with a 9.950... After ASU's troubles on beam, and the BEAVERS amazing floor set.. OSU took the lead again by just under 3 tenths heading into the final rotation.

OSU went to beam where they went five for six.. Elaine Yoder came off on her side split ... the rest of her routine was awesome though... Angela Morales started the Beavers with a solid 9.75 and Heidi and Chrissy both added 9.825's and two back to back 9.85's from Tanya and Chelsea.. Ricioli and Plourde both had some AMAZING routines which you think would have gone a bit higher .. but what an amazing effort for our BEAVERS!!! They hit their fourth 49+ score and hit a 196.700!!! They're fans in the stands were WAY excited!!

Watching floor was just so frustrating.. it took away so much from the meet to watch these scores pop up.. 9.9+ scores flying out for 5 of the 6 ASU gymnasts for routines with obvious deductions.. I counted 4 athletes who were short on their tumbling runs and not just a small step but a HUGE lunge!! and all 4 got a 9.9+ score!! No question, these athletes are AMAZING and ASU did have very nice floor routines, but how they got these 9.9 scores was beyond me.. when Maggie Germaine finished her floor routine without any huge visible errors they judges HAD to go higher.. I was so sure she would get the '10' .. how could they go lower after what we saw?! Well she got a 9.975 for her routine... Pretty frustrating to see all this happening but of course all you could do with sit and watch it happen, well I did have another yell for the judges, probably not very sportsman like, but I had to point out a lunge for the last ASU gymnast so the judges were aware of it! 'HEY!! Did you see that?!!!' This of course is no fault of the ASU athletes just a bit frustrating for fans.. but HEY a 196.700 !!! That is so exciting in itself!!!

With all that.. you just have to look at the positive.. and there were many positives ....

Vault!!! Six for Six on vault ... the BEAVERS have NO weak event!!! Down four athletes and our BEAVERS are still in it for the fight!!   Our 3 All-Arounders!! Chelsea, Tanya and Chrissy took 2,3 and 4 in the all-around all scoring 39+ !! Chelsea continued to be the top all-arounder for the Beavers for the FIFTH consecutive week!!   The fight on beam and floor!! The second athlete on both beam and floor missed their routines but the next four athletes on each event stayed focused and hit their routines! GREAT to see!!

The Beavers have finished 5 meets.. and they have 6 more meets to go that will be a factor in their seeding to Regionals... You could look at it and see that the next six meets are what will be the scores that count... Three Away Meet and Three Home Meets.. With the Top Six scores (where three are away) will determine your Regional seeding and the Beavers can look forward to these next six meets and position themselves for a great seeding at Regionals!!

We are at the midway point of the Regular Season and are BEAVERS have just started to shine!! Looking forward to the rest of this Meg-nificent season!!

See you next Friday.. The Beavers will take on the other Arizona team.. the Wildcats will be in town.. Andi McCabe, Monica Bisordi are a couple athletes to watch on this team... We'll see you in Gill!



OSU vs Arizona, February 13, 2004, Corvallis

Our Beavers put on another fun meet for the fans.. So much adversity, but the many trials and tribulations are not even phasing our Beavers as they came out strong edging out the Arizona wildcats for their third home meet win of the season.... A 196.950!!! Just .050 shy of a 197!! They did great!!

Both teams were great!! It looked like it was going to be a meet where we would see 48 for 48 hit routines!! Every athlete was hitting.. a way you love to see meets.. where every athlete hits and the best team comes out on top.. Going into the last rotation and the last routines it looked like we might see a 48 for 48 meet but Monica Bisordi came off the beam for ASU and then OSU's Chrissy Lamun fell on her opening tumbling run.. so a 48 for 48 was not to be but it was a 46 for 48 night where no team had to count a fall!!! Incredible.. and it made the meet more exciting for the fans...

Beavers began the night on vault... they showed last week that they are indeed strong on vault.. and they did it again scoring a season high 49.175.. Chrissy Lamun started off the Beavers with an awesome Yurchenko layout.. she hopped back but got a great score.. 9.7 out of a 9.8 start value.. I really thought we were going to see a perfect score when Heather Justus landed her piked front.. it was GORGEOUS!! She nailed this vault PERFECTLY... The height the distance was all there and the landing was without a waiver.. but maybe it was her position in the lineup.. but she got a 9.8... one judge saw a 9.85.. and I'm not sure where the other judge saw a 9.75!? Thérèse Videan stumbled forward on her piked front 1/2 for a 9.725 and we saw back to back 9.875's from Angela Morales and Tanya R-Hebron for two AWESOME vaults.. Morales had probably the best vault ever.. she took just one step back on her powerful piked front 1/2 .... and I thought we might see Tanya finally get the 9.9 on vault that had alluded her .. incredible Yurchenko 1/2 laid out front... Chelsea Plourde anchored the Beavers and started out her all-around effort with a team high 9.9 for her Yurchenko full.

ASU was looking pretty good on bars and they got some decent scores... saw some cool skills on bars.. full twisting Takachev (Shushunova), and I think I saw a full twisting double layout..

Beavers moved to Bars where Thérèse Videan continued to impress as the lead off athlete.. one hop on her dismount for a 9.8 and Heather Justus scored a 9.775 for her unique set and Chelsea Plourde added a 9.825.. Great handstands on this team from EVERY athlete!! You can really tell they have been focusing on that the last couple years!! Heidi Goehring had a nice Takachev and one step forward on her double layout for a 9.8.. The Beavers were missing sticks on bars and Chrissy Lamun gave the judges the stick they were looking for and she scored a 9.9 to tie Tanya Ricioli who added another 9.9 to give the Beavers a 49.225 bar set total.. and a 98.400 at the mid-way going.. a 197 looked within reach...

Arizona was very impressive on vault.. they showed 5 of 6 vaults valued at a 10 and one at a 9.9.. clean form... and they have the start values.. Andi McCabe throws a very nice Yurchenko full...

Oregon State went to the Beam .. Angela Morales had a couple balance checks but an overall solid set to post a starting 9.7.. Elaine Yoder had a wobble on her tumbling series and added a 9.775... The athlete who is replacing the injured Annie Campbell on beam did fantastic.. Heidi Goehring is doing an EXCELLENT job.. she posted a 9.85 for a very nice set.. Her side split on beam is SUPER HIGH! Chrissy Lamun matched her career high on beam .. 9.925 .. making it the third event in a row that she set or tied her career best.. she was having a great night! Tanya Ricioli had some checks for a 9.85 and Chelsea Plourde got a standing ovation for her amazing set which got a 9.95 which would be good enough to win the event... She had a check on her two foot layout mount but really STUCK her 1 1/2 twisting dismount! Beavers did awesome on Beam going six for six!!! 49.350.. The Beavers really made a statement and it looked like they were going to go 24 for 24 as they headed to floor!

Arizona's floor was so-so for me.. The tumbling was GREAT.. spot on.. nailed tumbling runs throughout.. but the routines themselves seemed kind of slow to me... but even though they didn't impress me.. it was the judges they impressed where they got two 9.9's from Katie Johnson and Monica Bisordi...

Final rotation and the Beavers were in the lead by only .05.. but the Beavers had already defeated the balance beam... so it was the Beavers meet to win... Heather Justus again solid as ever on floor got OSU off to a nice start .. 9.825 .. great night for Heather! Thérèse Videan added a 9.825 and Chelsea Plourde finished another solid evening posting a 9.85 in her final routine of the night.. Chelsea is 24 for 24 in her first six meets of the season!!! I wasn't sure if Angela Morales was going to do her double layout as the smaller mat was not out.. but she SURPRISED me when she did do it on the regular mat and STUCK IT! SO AWESOME!!! She is only the second Beaver ever to perform a double layout on floor .. but the first to do it more than once.. (Megan M-Barcroft did it only once her senior year at Pac-10s')... The crowd was so into Angela's floor.. you could hear the entire crowd clapping along with her music.. she finished strong with a double pike and scored a 9.9! Chrissy was having a great night and if she did what she did on her other events (match her career high) then we were looking at a 10 routine to come.... Lamun looked strong but over rotated her double pike mount and went out of bounds... she shook off the fall and nailed her last two tumbling passes and her dance was , as always, amazing.. and she got a 9.225... It was all Tanya Ricioli-Hebron to bring in a big score to put them over the wildcats.. and T. did her job.. she nailed her double pike mount and over-rotated her double tuck but saved it from going out of bounds.. and she scored a 9.8 to put the Beavers ahead of Arizona in another nail biter!!

Arizona on beam.. really was impressive.. I think the judging on beam was just confusing... I saw some routines from both teams that looked mighty good but got lower scores than what I thought.. then I would see a routine that looked like it had errors but scored higher.. not sure what the judges were looking for on beam...

All in all great scores for BOTH Pac-10 teams.. Awesome job for our Beavers and they took home the win or the share of the win for every event.. Chelsea on vault, beam and the all-around.. Tanya and Chrissy on bars and Angela on floor...

A 196.950.. really will help in their seeding placement when the rankings come out in a couple weeks by their RQS (Regional Qualifying Score)..

Chelsea Plourde once again led the Beavers in the all-around and in the process joined an exclusive club.. the 39.5 all-around club! Current Beavers Annie Campbell, Lindsay Nelson AND Tanya Ricioli-Hebron all have joined this club.. Megan Murphy-Barcroft and Chari Knight are the only other two who have done this.. pretty impressive that out of the 6... 4 are current team members!!! Look out we might have another!!! Watch for Chrissy Lamun to join this club very soon!!

Next week we head to Westwood where we will go against the Los Angeles Bruins.. where the Beavers will compete against athletes that have competed against the world.. UCLA boasts many Olympians and World Team members... Olympian Jaime Dantzscher is expected to compete as well Canadian Olympian Kate Richardson and 1999? World Team Member Jeanette Antolin...

We will see you next week in Cali !!



OSU @ UCLA, February 22, 2004, Westwood

(I wanted to add a reminder, for that our readers, that applys to all of Robert's meet reports, that they  are one fan's personal point of view!   Also, that Robert is a big fan of the UCLA team, and any comments here on scoring/judging are not meant to reflect badly on the UCLA gymnasts or coaching staff!   Richard Thomas)


Well.. to me this meet was not UCLA vs Oregon State.. it felt more like UCLA vs Stanford.... Stanford had just hit an NCAA record on Friday night .. an incredible (and unbelievable 198.875!!!).. and all night it felt like how high can the judges go to make sure that UCLA beat that record... there was no point in looking at the scores, all you could do was just watch and enjoy the athletes... Oregon State went out and did what they could do, but it didn't seem like it mattered, if you were wearing orange you would get a decent score but don't hold your breath for a 10 from even one judge...

Beavers on bars... Thérèse Videan ... another solid routine... STUCK double layout.. awesome.. her 9.825 was too low for that awesome routine. Heather Justus.. fantastic set for her.. one step forward on her toe on front dismount for a 9.85.. career high for Heather.. Chelsea Plourde.. nailed handstands.. STUCK double layout.. 9.9.. very solid scores for our Beavers.. Heidi Goehring looked fantastic.. one hop on her double layout for a 9.875.. will be interesting to see if Heidi puts back the full twist back in her dismount as she heals from her injury.. Chrissy Lamun.. career high on bars! Awesome set! 9.925.. STUCK her double tuck dismount.. Tanya anchored the rotation with another great set.. one step back on her double front.. 9.900.. and the Beavers put up a very nice 49.450 .. just short of their season high...

Bruins on vault... 9.875 from Lori Winn on her Yurchenko full.. good vault but she took a hop.. Ashley Peckett.. still scored a 9.9 with even taking a step on Yurchenko 1/2.. Kristen Maloney fought for the stick for a 9.925.. two judges saw two different vaults.. one judge thought it was a 10 even with her struggle for the stick! the other a 9.850.. the 9.9 was about right and Kate Richardson had an awesome Yurchenko full.. incredible distance but had a HUGE hop.. but somehow still scored a 9.925! Jeanette Antolin DID deserve her 10 on vault though.. it was a beauty.. stuck perfectly.... 49.625 for the Bruins..

OSU went to vault, where they are doing great! Chrissy Lamun hopped forward on Yurchenko layout.. 9.65.. Heather Justus.. AWESOME piked front.. she is just nailing them as of late!! the judges gave her a 9.85/9.750 for 9.8.. Thérèse Videan had one hop to the side for 9.775, and Angela Morales scored a 9.85 for her powerful piked front 1/2..... Tanya Ricioli-Hebron is looking AMAZING on vault!! She stuck her Yurchenko 1/2 and quickly saluted as she stepped out of it, but it was AWESOME! Would she join Lindsay as Annie as the only athlete to score 9.9's on every event?! And she GOT IT! 9.9 for T on vault, it was great! Chelsea Plourde took a step forward on her Yurchenko full for 9.8... nice job for the Beavers who were 12 for 12 at the midway point.. 98.575 and were on their way to a 197+ away score...

Bruins of course needed that 198.875 so of course.. 10's were flying.. 10 for Danztscher..

Kate Richardson took a shuffle on the dismount and scored a 9.975?! Kristen Maloney another 9.975.. no doubt this team is FANTASTIC and their skills are way cool, but still all night it just felt like it was all about beating that Stanford score...

OSU on to floor.. solid start for Heather Justus.. 9.825.. Thérèse Videan.. another solid routine 9.825.. Chelsea Plourde is so charismatic on the floor.. I didn't notice before, but she starts of her routine with a wink ... 9.825.. Angela Morales.. was a big WOW tonight.. hit her double layout and double pike, very nice score 9.925 for her.. Chrissy Lamun fell short on her double pike mount and scored a 9.25.. Tanya Ricioli took a step back on her double tuck but nailed the rest of her routine for another 9.9! Her third of the night!.. Beavers did great 49.325 on floor! A solid beam set in the next rotation would guarantee the 197!

Bruins on beam were great but not completely solid.. but the judges overlooked some things on beam.. as the scores were way high... uuh, did anyone else notice the Kristen Maloney almost fell off the beam on her Rufolva (full twisting swing down) ... she hit the side of her leg and looked like she had to drag herself up! And still she got a 9.9!! Kate Richardson has one of my all-time favorite beam routines.. she looks fantastic... she missed a connection and took a hop on her dismount.. but she's from UCLA so let's give her a 9.95.. UCLA was at an astonishing 149.000 before floor?!

So our Beavers off to balance beam where the goal was to get a 197+ .. didn't really matter what was going on over on floor... the Bruins were going to take the meet, but our Beavers still impressed on beam going six for six.. the scores for Beam were pretty low in comparison .. Angela Morales 9.775 for her solid routine.. Elaine Yoder had a bobble on her layout and got a descent score 9.85 .. Heidi Goehring looks fantastic.. no punch front, but super solid and her leaps are so high! 9.875.. just a hop on her dismount.. Chirssy Lamun had a check on her front layout.. nailed the rest for a 9.825 and Tanya Ricioli added a 9.825 for a spectacular routine, but had a hop on her full dismount... Chelsea Plourde had a GORGEOUS routine to finish of the night.. hit EVERYTHING.. it was fantastic.. from her two foot layout mount to her stuck 1 1/2 twisting dismount.. but only a 9.9... (the same score we saw from Kristen Maloney!).... but what do I know?!

Bruins on floor were rocking the 10's.. great choreography, awesome tumbling.. my favorite Bruin routine.. had to be Kate Richardson.. her choreography was so incredible! Her 10 was well deserved, as was Jeannette Antolin.. very nice back to back routines.. nice to see Jaime Danztscher back on floor, her injury didn't allow her to do her big tumbling, but it was nice to see her out there.. and of course Yvonne Tousek is also awesome to watch..

So there you have it.. the Bruins matched the 198.875 that Stanford got... and well our Beavers did their job and got a 197.175... they have really showed their depth this season!... looking forward to the meet against Stanford this week!! Look for Lise Leveille, Natalie Foley and Lindsay Wing to lead this talented team.. my favorite Cardinal is actually out with injury.. Mandy Delgado doesn't have the most difficulty, but she is the most fun to watch.. I'll miss seeing her this season...

We'll see you in Gill on Friday night to cheer on our Beavers.. and Boosters don't forget the pre-meet gathering!!



OSU vs Stanford, February 27, 2004, Corvallis

This was a pretty impressive meet ... both schools are phenomenal, but it was so impressive to see our Beavers " NEVER GIVE UP" as they got better and better as the night progressed....

We were first treated to a beam exhibition from our very own Chari Knight-Hunter..:-) Chari, at age 31(+) is just amazing.. her fitness level is astonishing.. she showed us her elite beam routine.. and it must be so nerve-wracking for Chari to come home and perform.. even more so than an actual meet!! She mounted with a layout mount.. but came off the beam.. and wrote in chalk.. " NEVER" onto the mat... she fell off an additional two times and had a message for all her fans.. " GIVE" " UP" ... what a great theme for the night.. Chari showed us her signature reverse plange at the end of the balance beam.. flip-flop to layout-stepout, sheep jump.. and double tuck dismount.. good luck Chari at next weeks National Qualifier!!

Oregon State vs Stanford... I was really looking to seeing this meet.. and to see what Stanford had to offer...

OSU started on vault where there were no stuck landings.. and it would put the Beavers in a hole.. Chrissy Lamun started the Beavers off with such a HUGE Yurchenko layout... it was so powerful! She took a big hop for a 9.625. Heather Justus scored a 9.3 as she stumbled backwards and had to catch herself against the vaulting table. Thérèse Videan followed with a nice piked front 1/2 but took a hop to the side for a 9.775.. Angela Morales, powerful as ever took a hop back for a 9.75. Tanya Ricioli is getting so good at her Hristekeva, its getting better and better each week!! Stuck but had to step out of it for a 9.85.. and Chelsea Plourde had a low landing and a teeny hop for a 9.825.. The Beavers started the night with a 48.825...

Over on bars, the Stanford Cardinal was doing great! They posted a 49.425 total for a six for six effort... Natalie Foley led the Cardinal with a 9.95.. for an AWESOME routine..Shaposhnikova, Shushunova.. Double Layout dismount.. and this from an athlete who had the bars collapse on her while she competed in Oklahoma!! Great to see her do well on this event after that mishap! Lindsay Wing had a really great routine as well.. She stuck her double front 1/2 dismount .. that was great.. for a 9.875.. Caroline Fluhrer anchored with a 9.925.. although I didn't think it was as great as Wing's she received a 9.925...

Beavers went to bars where once again the landings on the dismounts were hurting their score... the judges were awarding stuck landings as you could tell as Heidi Goehring fought for the stick on her double layout dismount after an awesome set.. She received a 9.950!! Great job for Heidi.... no doubt would have received that 10 if she was completely healthy and doing her full twisting double layout! Tanya Ricioli was going through one of her best routines ever as the anchor.. great interior but one step back on her double front dismount.. it was great... a 9.9 for T. Thérèse Videan missed a connection as the lead off athlete for a 9.75 and steps on landings for Heather Justus, Chelsea Plourde and Chrissy Lamun resulted in 9.8,9.8, 9.825 scores.. still great scores.. and the Beavers were at 98.100 at the halfway point.. where it looked like they were heading towards a 196 score...

Over on vault Stanford showed all vaults valued at a 10!! The lowest score was a 9.825 .. Shelly Goldberg who had a huge piked front 1/2.. great distance for Shelly.. Jessica Louie stuck her Yurchenko full for a 9.9 as did Natlie Foley for a 9.925... Incredible power from Lise Leveille on her Yurchenko full, but she took a hop and scored a 9.875.

In the third rotation, the Beavers showed their focus.. they did fantastic on beam... they went five for six.. posting a 49.375.. Angela Morales started the beavers out well with a 9.85 and Elaine Yoder had just a gorgeous beam set.. and her 9.875 was too low.. Heidi Goehring continued to be a solid beam player as she added a 9.85 and Chrissy Lamun fought for her mount and full turn for another 9.85.. Beautiful 1 1/2 twist from Lamun, stick perfectly!! and what a great layout front to two back-handsprings!! Biggest shock came from our fifth athlete.. I don't recall the last time I had seen Tanya on the side of the beam.. she missed her beam series and was off the beam after her second back-handspring! She hit the rest of her beam routine and hit a 9.3 .. Chelsea Plourde was not even fazed as she hit one of her best beam sets.. a 9.95!! Incredible routine.. she is just so amazing on this event! Two foot layout mount, side-somi, two back-handsprings to layout-stepout, and 1 1/2 twist dismount.. just nailed it all!

Over on floor, Stanford opted for just five routines.. but with a 49.425 they didn’t need the sixth.. the only bad thing about it was that the crowd would not be treated to a routine from Lise Leveille :-) really was looking forward to seeing her tumble.. she is fantastic on this event! Natalie Foley led the Cardinal with a 9.950.. her tumbling is fantastic!! Full in mount and a double pike dismount!!

Final rotation and the Beavers were on fire.. Every counting score was a 9.925 or HIGHER!! Heather Justus led off consistently and solid as ever.. 9.85.. Then Thérèse Videan had a solid routine nailing all her tumbling passes for a 9.925! Career high for Videan.. Chelsea Plourde gave the performance of her life.. started the routine with a stuck double pike and nailed her 1 1/2 twist to layout and hit her front layout to full ending... and beyond that the dance was absolutely crowd pleasing... she hit her double turn to

Shushunova the best ever! That was a highlight in that routine.. One judge saw perfection and gave her a 10, while the other saw a 9.9.. to give her a 9.950.. Great job for Chelsea who has hit every routine this season!! Angela Morales was next and boy can this girl tumble, she draws the crowd into her routine and received a 9.925.. Awesome double layout mount .. just a hop back... and then a STUCK double pike dismount! A highlight of the night was to see Chrissy Lamun nail her floor routine.. having trouble in past routines.. she gave the performance of her life.. STUCK her double pike mount beautifully! Incredible dance... what showmanship! She was amazing.. and I would have given her the 10.. but the judges saw a 9.950... Tanya Ricioli anchored with a 9.950 .. her double tuck dismount is awesome! and it gave the Beavers an incredible 49.700 floor total and a school record on the floor.. and through every routine they showed that the NEVER GAVE UP!

Stanford was on beam.. where they went six for six.. and took the meet. Five gymnasts scored 9.925's.. they were solid overall.. although they all scored 9.925 I would give the best Stanford beam routine to Lise Leveille, she had a great routine.. and a nice double tuck dismount! She is so solid.. they showed great skills too, I think I counted three athletes doing flip flop to TWO layouts!

Great job for the Beavers who never did give up and scored a 197.175!! And they moved up to #13 in the rankings!! Every week they are climbing and putting themselves in a better position towards a National berth!

Next week we'll see the Beavers at the Salbasgeon Invitational.. where they will look to make another 197+ score :-)

We'll see you in Gill.



OSU @ Utah, March 12, 2004, Salt Lake City

A meet like this really makes you proud to be a Beaver fan.. it was absolutely incredible.. from beginning to end.. the incredible gymnastics, the fight.. our Beavers going 23 for 24 routines.. hitting a school record on balance beam and an away team record!! What an awesome meet to be at.. just a handful of Beaver fans seated way up high.. with hopes that our Beavers could hear our squeaks of cheer to let them we existed out there! :-)

OSU had the potential to throw out a low score and boost their RQS and they set out to do their best... OSU began the night on bars where the host Utes were on the vault... Thérèse Videan, had an uncharacteristic error, going over the low bar.. she covered well and nailed her double layout dismount to start the Beavers off with a 9.7. Heather Justus.. showed us her best bar set this year.. taking just one step back on her toe on front tuck dismount to match her career high 9.85.. Chelsea Plourde matched Justus' score as she took a step back on her double layout.... Heidi Goehring has been on fire lately.. for the third week in a row she won this event! 9.925 for another incredible bar set!! perfect handstands, stuck double layout, only thing I saw was maybe they deducted for a short pause from the low to high bar.. Chrissy Lamun took one step on her double tuck dismount for a 9.825.. but her Takachev was amazingly HIGH!! Tanya anchored our Beavers posting a 9.875 and the Beavers started the night out with a 49.325.. great start for our Beavers...

Over on vault.. nice vaults for the Utes where all six competitors performed vaults valued at 10.0 .. Best vault was Rachel Tidd.. very nice vault... Stuck Yurchenko full... Arguably the best vaulter in the country.. Annabeth Eberle took a hop forward on her Yurchenko 1/2 laid out front to go 9.9 as the anchor... Utes posted a very nice.. 49.500

Beavers moved to the vault where no stuck landings resulted in a 49.200 total.. Chrissy Lamun started off the Beavers with a Yurchenko layout (9.8 start value) .. looked like she had the stick but took a step for a 9.65... heather Justus powerful as ever on her front pike.. step back for a 9.8.. Thérèse Videan had great power on her piked front 1/2 and hopped back for a 9.85.. Angela Morales added a 9.875 for her powerful piked front 1/2.. another hop back for Morales.. Tanya Ricioli took a few steps forward on her Yurchenko 1/2 laid out front for a 9.775 and freshman Chelsea Plourde anchored with a 9.9 for her Yurchenko full.. just one teeny step back.. The Beavers were at a 98.525 at the midway point and in great position to post another 197+ road score..

Over on bars.. Utah.. posted two 9.925's.. Melissa Vituj and Rachel Tidd both led Utah with the 9.925's.. Both Vituj and Tidd had excellent stuck dismounts... Tidd stuck her full in and an AMAZING triple full of bars from Vituj!! STUCK! Was a highlight for me from this Utah team. Utah also had two 9.9's and a 9.875 to count towards their 49.525 bar set total as they had an amazing 99.025 at the half.

Our Beavers took the floor to begin the third rotation.. where Heather was solid as ever scoring a 9.8 and Thérèse Videan was consistent to add a 9.825. Chelsea Plourde had too much power on her double pike mount and stepped out of bounds for a 9.675... Next up Angela Morales was AMAZING!!! She nailed EVERY tumbling pass! Double layout, front-full-layout, and double pike!! Awesome!! But only a 9.875 from the judges ..too low.. it was great! Chrissy Lamun's routine.. pure beauty.. awesome!! Another hit floor routine from Lamun.. finally got her score of 9.9 when it was posted on the reader board (side note: don't really like when kids do the score posting.. sometimes they don't turn the score all the way around.. this night was bad, the girls didn't even post Lamun's score.. they were too busy watching Utah on beam!!) ANYWAY! Lamun was awesome, but 9.9.. ok.. good score.. could have gone higher.. Tanya anchored with a great routine 9.925.. beavers were at 147.850 and 18 for 18 with the beam to go..

Over on Beam.. the Utes were having problems.. Gabriella Onodi.. came off the beam to post a 9.325 and the next gymnast scored a 9.650.. wasn't sure how they deducted when she leaned over and touched the beam.. I'm guessing three tenths, I thought maybe they would have counted it as a fall.. Annabeth Eberle had problems on her dismount for a 9.750.. Melissa Vituj had that highlight beam routine anchoring with a 9.950... 49.100 for the Utes.. still great score, as they had a 148.125 after three rotations.

Final rotation .. and the Beavers were on the balance beam... I predicted a possible beam team record in my first report at the Super Six and hey.. they did it tonight!!! What an incredible display of determination .. it was awesome! Solid and consistent as ever.. the ever dependable Angela Morales set a career high 9.9 to start the Beavers on beam... Trouble came as the second athlete up, Elaine Yoder looked like she had her layout, but came off the beam .. she posted a 9.325.. with four athletes left to go... as the fans held their breath for every element... the Beavers came through as fighter they are.. Heidi Goehring.. great job .. incredible height on her leaps.. posted a 9.875 and Chrissy Lamun who had a few balance checks added a 9.9.. Tanya and Chelsea went two for two on routines that looked like perfection.. no wobbles, no checks, hit every skill and nailed their dismounts to go 9.95 and 9.975 and this team broke the beam team school record by .025!! Awesome performance.. great to see the athletes keep their composure after a fall and do what they know they can do!!

Utah took the meet as they posted a 49.550 on the floor... The were led by senior Melissa Vituj who posted a 9.950 to win the event.

What a night for the Beavers and their FANS!!! They made this such a fun night...The Beavers hit their best road score in school history! A 197.450!! They scored a beam school record with a 49.600... and senior Tanya Ricioli tied Chari Knight with the most 39+ performances! Each with 23! Chelsea added yet another individual event (beam) to her already impressive resume... Heidi Goehring for the third week in a row won the bars event!! What an excellent night for our Beavers.. they did a FANTASTIC job!!

Up next is the Pac-10 .. where we will see some of the greatest display of Gymnastics in the nation!! Oregon State, UCLA, Stanford, Arizona, Washington, Arizona State and California!! 7 INCREDIBLE schools, each with unbelievable talent!! This meet is going to be incredible!!!

And we will see you in Tucson as we cheer on our Beavers as they look for their first Pac-10 title since 1996!!



OSU @ Pac-10 Championships, March 20, 2004, Tucson

The Beavers went 23 for 24 at the Pac-10 meet in Tucson and finished a distant 3rd to champions Stanford and second place UCLA.. the Beavers proved that they are among the top of the Pac with their performance on Saturday.. but the Beavers can actually do way better than they did on Saturday night... we had no stuck landings on vault, just two on bars, on beam they did great with landings but had some errors, and on floor had some landing issues and they STILL finished 3rd!!! Imagine if they did what we know they are capable!! Their routines are amazing and they have excellent form.. so nailing those landing will really put our Beavers in contention with the best! Best performance of the night... have to give it up to Junior Heidi Goehring, she is doing absolutely amazing!! Led the bar team once again and was .025 from being a Pac-10 champion on balance beam.. her beam set was the BEST we had ever seed from Heidi.. Awesome!

The Pac-10 is so stacked with talent... that any error could drop you even down to last!! That is how GOOD all of these seven teams are!!

Beavers had the Olympic rotation order and started on vault.. Chrissy Lamun started off the Beavers in their quest for a Pacific-Ten Conference Team title as she had a powerful Yurchenko layout.. a hop back for a 9.675.. Heather Justus followed.. incredible height and distance but the step forward for a 9.775 .. Amazing vault for Thérèse Videan.. just gorgeous.. but again a big hop back for the Beaver for a 9.875 and Angela Morales a hop back another gorgeous vault and another 9.875.. when these athletes stick.. the potential for huge scores is there! Tanya vaulted her Yurchenko 1/2 laid out front ...steps forward for a 9.875 and Chelsea Plourde anchored for another 9.875.. a step back on her Yurchenko full which had a slight form break as she landed.. Beavers started out well on vault.. posting a 49.275.. and were in second place after four teams had finished the first rotation.. UW had a great start on floor led by Emily Pritchard and Carly Dockendorf (9.975) and the Huskies were leading with a 49.375 after one.. Arizona was third after a great beam set and Arizona State started with a 48.875 after a mediocre bar set.. Maggie Germaine came off on her Shaposhnikova..

OSU went to a bye.. where UCLA jumped up to the top with a 49.650 floor total.. Kate Richardson assured herself the defense of her Pack-10 title on floor as she hit a 10 on this event.. Double layout mount.. two whips to double tuck dismount!!! Awesome choreography.. great to watch! Stanford began on bars.. great bar total.. 49.475 for Stanford... Natalie Foley went 9.95.. great set.. Shaposhnikova and Shushinova in her bar set...

OSU moved to the bars.. where Thérèse Videan began with a 9.75.. she lost her grip on the low bar and had some form breaks .. hop on her double layout dismount.. Heather Justus.. great set! STUCK her toe on front dismount for the first time this season for a 9.8.. Chelsea Plourde.. nice handstands.. kinda stuck double layout.. one foot off to the side.. 9.875 to set up Heidi.. another great one for Goehring! stuck double layout .. just gorgeous routine.. one judge gave her a 9.95! The other a 9.85 for a rip off 9.9.. I saw the lead judge look at the score that was brought over for Heidi's routine and it was a look of surprise that was what was given.. (the lead judge gave her the 9.95!) Great routine from Heidi! Chrissy Lamun can fly on her Takachev!! So high! steps back from a a9.875 and Tanya Ricioli another great routine, but a hop on the dismount for 9.85.. good set for the Beavers.... the landings cost them some for a 49.3 and a 98.575 at the midway point.. After five teams had gone five.. Stanford was in the lead with a 99.125 and OSU was next with a 9.8575.. but UCLA had yet to go on their second event... not far behind was Arizona with a 98.450 after their floor and UW who had good vaulting was a t 98.425.. ASU had an ok beam for 98.425...

Beavers headed to the beam.. an event that the Beavers could really capitalize on when the hit.. AWESOME routine from Angela Morales.. but the judges gave her a low score 9.775.. Elaine Yoder.. just beautiful! Her two flip flops to layout was so solid.. and just a teeny shuffle on her dismount.. one judge went 9.95.. the other.. 9.8!! Crazy 9.8 score and Elaine went 9.875... Heidi followed with the best beam routine of her career 9.925.. fantastic.. nailed everything! Then Chrissy Lamun went 9.75 after saving her front layout.. great fight from Chrissy to stay on the beam.. Tanya came off on her two foot layout but continued with her routine to get everything she could and got a 9.3.. Chelsea Plourde put her leg up on her two foot layout mount but the rest of the routine was perfection!! Chelsea did her job and received a 9.9 to help the Beavers to a 147.8 after three... great fight for the Beavers.. not their best beam set.. but they fought through it well...

Beavers went to a bye .. Stanford and UCLA were battling out for the win.. and the rest of the schools were trying to fight for third.. After three OSU was #3.. Arizona was one tenth behind the Beavers and Arizona was .25 from OSU.. UW had fallen out of the hunt for third with a disaster on bars.. two missed routines including one from the ever consistent Emily Pritchard!!

Beavers went to floor.. Heather Justus missed her second cat leap and scored a 9.75.. Thérèse Videan took some steps back on her double pike for a 9.825 and Chelsea Plourde had a step back on her double pike and a hop on her 2 1/2 to layout second pass for a 9.85.. The Beavers were solid, but steps were costing them some scores.. the Beavers have potential to score big! Angela had a great routine.. stuck double layout but steps on her double pike dismount for 9.875.. All eyes were on Chrissy as she was going toward the defense of her Pac-10 floor title.. She would need a 10 to get it and she went through a beauty.. Awesome.. stuck double pike.. great dance.... and she went with a 9.9.. Awesome job for Chrissy.. trying to defend a title must be VERY hard and nerve wracking.. and I think you could see it a little bit.. but boy did she did FANTASTIC out there! Tanya Ricioli.. added a 9.85 .. step on her double pike opening.. the Beavers finished with a 197.075.. Nice score for the Beavers, a record setting pac-10 score for them.. they were great tonight, but we know we can see them better.. when they stick their landings, they will get bigger scores and contend with the best!!

Last rotation, Arizona needed a 49.4 on bars to overtake the Beavers for third and Arizona State needed a 49.550 on vault.. The Arizona state schools did not get the scores they needed and the Beavers left the competition in third.. as Stanford took the Pac-10 title from UCLA who had to count a low beam score...

One Beaver finished in the top six.. Heidi's awesome bar set finished in a tie for 6th.. .05 from first and her beam set would have been 7th.. .025 from first! With no individual Beaver taking any events.. this was truly a TEAM effort to place third.. every athlete did her part and consistency led to their third place total.. Way to go BEAVERS.. they are quite the TEAM!!

In a great way to start the Post Season Freshman Chelsea Plourde was named the Pac-10 Freshman of the Year (OF COURSE -- We all knew it had to be her!!) Great Job Chelsea!! The first and only Beaver to be named the Freshman of the year since its inception in 2000!

So now.. the race to Nationals is on!!! It's going to be exciting!! We will see you in Corvallis on April 3rd as we will watch our Beavers to cheer them on as they compete for a top two spot for a Nationals berth!! GO BEAVERS!!
Your doing GREAT!!



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