2005 Season Newsletters:

1st Newsletter excerpt (" Coaches Corner" ) 2nd Newsletter excerpt (upcomming activites)

Our second newsletter has been mailed to current Booster Club members, below  is an excerpt from  this newsletter!   More excerpts will be published here periodically.   Full newsletters will be archived here, later in the season.

Here is more detail on the upcoming Booster Club events:


February 11 & 12, 2005 – Seattle Fun (UW & Seattle Pacific)

February 18, 2005 – Sun/Pool/Golf in the Desert (U of Arizona

February 25, 2005 – Home Meet Booster Club Tailgater (Cal-Berkeley and SPU)

March 11, 2005 – Ski Utah (this activity is on HOLD!)


On Friday, February 11th, we will compete against UW and on Saturday, February 12th, we will compete against Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, WA. Since it is within driving distance, we would like to have a large “OSU CROWD,” with their orange shirts, cheering on our girls. Everyone is welcome to join us for any or all of these activities based on what your interest and schedule permit. We are planning a full day of activities on Saturday, February 12th, before the meet at Seattle Pacific. Our day will begin by meeting at 10am at the main entrance of Pike Place Market, in downtown Seattle, at “Rachel the Piggybank”(photo).   Please wear something ORANGE! After spending time visiting the Market (and/or Waterfront) we will meet up again on the Waterfront at 11:50am, at “Ye Olde Curiosity Shop” (Pier 54), near the Pier 52 ferry terminal. Then we will prepare for a trip to Bainbridge Island for lunch (a 35 minute ferry crossing). (Those driving onto the ferry should get in the ferry line by Noon!)   We will have lunch at the “Bistro Pleasant Beach”('03 review), at about 1:15pm, which is about a ˝ mile walk for those on foot. After lunch we plan to return on the 2:55pm ferry arriving in Seattle at about 3:30pm ( ferry at 3:50pm, arriving 4:25pm). We will also have a pre-meet “tailgater” at the “Courtyard by Marriot – Lake Union” hotel from 4:30-5:45 pm. The “Courtyard by Marriot” phone number is (206) 213-0100. The doors should open for the SPU meet at 6pm, with tickets available at the venue.


The Booster Club would like to invite you to “Fun/Pool/Golf in the Desert”. On February 18th, Friday night at 7:30PM, OSU Gymnasts compete against Arizona in Tucson. We will have a tailgate party before the meet from 4:30 to 6:00pm. It will be held at the Embassy Suites Hotel at 7051 S. Tucson Blvd, Tucson AZ. Phone #: (520) 573-0700.   On Saturday morning, February 19th, we will schedule a golf game. For those of you who do not golf, we will have a tour or other activities scheduled. We will hand out the activity list and times at the meet Friday night. Hope to see you for fun in the sun!!


The February 25th Booster Club Tailgater will be held at the OSUAlumniCenter in the Giustina Living Room (on the left after you enter the front door). The AlumniCenter is located about a block away from Gill Coliseum, towards the Reser Football stadium, on the left hand side of the street. We will have a lot of “goodies” to munch on and soft drinks. We will be inviting Cal-Berkeley, and Seattle Pacific parents and boosters to this event. So, please plan on attending as we always have good conversations and fun!!




Excerpt from our  December '04 Newsletter:
(Note: This was written in mid-October)


Bea Tistu-Wisenhunt, a former OSU gymnast and now assistant coach, has been kind enough to give the Booster Club an overview of what is happening in the practice arena.  Although we may not be fortunate to have such an entry in every Newsletter, we will surely welcome such insight whenever it is possible.  Here, then, is Bea’s letter:

The coaching staff is excited by what we have seen in our practice sessions since the girls reported to fall training.  The first week went by quickly with everyone adjusting to the training schedule and getting over sore muscles and new life in the dorms for our big freshmen class.  Part of the second week was spent at the beach for our yearly bonding trip.  The girls had a great time getting to know each other on a more personal basis outside of the gym walls.  They set up “coffee dates” for the rest of the year to better their relationships and build on their team goal: to make it to NATIONALS and be a tough contender.

School started the third week and everyone seemed to adjust well to their class and practice schedules.  They have also started working on community service, spending one morning walking kids to school and one Saturday playing with them at the Fall Festival.  They really enjoyed these activities and are looking forward to spending more time in the community.

Our workouts usually start with rope jumping or running, followed by body tighteners and stretches.  We then divide into groups and rotate from event to event and finish the workout with aerobics or conditioning.  We usually workout on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Wednesday and Saturday are spent doing an hour and a half of conditioning.  The break on Wednesday works well to alleviate the pounding on the muscles and allows the girls to run errands, etc.

Some of the things we are working on include double layouts on floor from Therese, Angela and Heather. A full-in from Yuki and a triple-full from Claire.  We are looking for dynamic tumbling and well-choreographed floor routines from all the girls.  These last weeks have been spent working on endurance and putting together all of the tumbling passes.

Beam has new and exciting tumbling and dismounts.  We have already started on skill blocks (doing all of your skills in a row) and routines, and the girls are doing a great job with their assignments.  They are doing lots of repetitions and doing them well.  We have a strong group of kids fighting for beam lineup.

On bars, we also have new and exciting release skills and dismounts to watch.  We have 6 gymnasts that have returned and have made line-up consistently in the past years and have upgraded their routines since.  We also have Jacey, Keegan and Claire who are wonderful bar workers and will be fighting for a spot in line-up.  Daylee is working on new parts to her routine and the other 4 freshmen, D’Anna, Megan, Yuki and Courtney are learning new skills, working sequences and improving their technique.

It is going to be an exciting year for the vault team also.  Right now, we have 10 gymnasts working 10.0 vaults!  That is more  gymnasts than we had vaulting in the years past.  Michael has been doing a good job with the girls on vault working on drills and improving their technique.

We have a hard working team this year and we are very pleased with what we have seen them do in practice.  They are working well together, encouraging and pushing each other in trying to reach their goals.  You are not going to want to miss this upcoming season.  We will be fighting to the end so please plan on being there to support us.  You can check our website for all of our meet information.


2004 Season Newsletters:

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