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2009-2010 Season ...

* 7/26/10: Updated Alumnae page: Lara Degenhardt!

* 7/22/10: Updated Alumnae page: Heather Bennett (& new photo)!

* 7/19/10: Added photos to Jennie's page, updated Alumnae pages ... Tiffani White and Heather Justus, new Alumnae page for Renee Runyon!

* 7/19/10: Updated Alumnae page: Jennie Thompson!

* 7/17/10: Latest Alumnae page: Rayna Lipschultz!

* 7/15/09: Updated Alumnae pages  ... Meghan Jones and Michelle Sandoz!

* 5/9/2010: Added a photo gallery from the January 22nd Alum reunion events!

* 5/5/2010: Added info and photos from the 2010 End-of-Season Celebration!

* 4/27/2010: Updated the Calendar with time of End of Season Banquet!

* 3/23/2010: Added a photo gallery from the Kentucky meet!

* 3/18/2010: Added the cover page and application for
our first annual Booster Club Golf Tournament!

* 3/15/2010: Added info about our first annual Booster Club Golf Tournament!

* 2/17/2010: Added a photo gallery from the Arizona meet!

* 1/31/2010: Added a photo gallery from the Stanford - Pink Out meet!

* 1/24/2010: Added a photo gallery from the UW meet!

* 1/10/2010: Partially updated Calendar of events, and added a photo gallery from the Salbasgeon Suites Invitational meet!

* 11/22/09: Added a photo gallery from the Orange & Black Exhibition!

* 11/15/09: Added images of some of the Booster Club benefits on the Benefits page! (The Booster Club logo will be added to these 3 items.)

* 11/14/09: FYI (browsers), the website's drop-down menus do not work with IE 8 ... they do work with IE 7 (or earlier), Mozilla Firefox 3, Google Chrome 3.   So with IE 8, there may be some pages you will not be able to access using the navigation bars.

* 11/13/09: Added the 2009/2010 Season Booster Club Membership Application and 2009/2010 introduction letter!

* 10/30/09: Updated the Calendar with the upcoming  November's events! The new Booster Club Letter and Application should be available soon ... in early November!

* 10/17/09: Added the 2010 Team photo, gymnast head shots, and team class-group photos!

* 9/26/09: Updated Roster page with official bio info, created bio pages for the freshmen, with links to their official bio pages.

* 9/23/09: Updated Roster page for 2010 team, added the 2010 Meet Schedule, added a 2009 Alumnae page!


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