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2010-2011 Season ...

* 8/6/2011: Latest updated Alumnae page:
Lyndsay Dixon (updated photos only)!

* 7/20/2011: Latest Alumnae page: Brooke Barclay!

* 7/19/2011: Latest Alumnae page: Anne Barry!,
      Latest updated Alumnae pages:
        Bunny Way, & Marilyn Anderson (updated photos only)!

* 7/18/2011: Latest Alumnae page: Whitney Watson! (photos to be added later),
      Latest updated Alumnae page: Leah McKernan!

* 4/27/2011: Added the upcoming End-of-Season Celebration event to the Calendar page!

* 4/2/2011: Added the class group photo (links) to the Team Roster page, and added a second 2011 Team Photo (link) to the roster page!

* 3/23/11: Added a photo gallery from the Utah Meet!

* 3/17/2011: Updated Calendar of events, with the Booster Club event for April!

* 3/1/2011: Added a photo gallery from the Salbasgeon Suites Invitational!

* 2/2/2011: Added  photo galleries from the meet vs Ohio State and the Pink Out meet vs UCLA!

* 1/15/2011: Latest Alumnae page: Tasha Smith!

* 1/11/2011: Added a photo gallery from the meet vs LSU!

* 1/3/2011: Updated Calendar of events, with additional info on January's Pink Out Breakfast & Silent Auction!

* 12/30/2010: Updated Calendar of events, with the Booster Club events for January!

* 11/20/2010: Added a photo gallery from the Orange & Black Exhibition!

* 11/14/2010: Added a photo of the " Earlybird" cling decal!

* 11/06/2010: Added the upcoming " Meet the Team" event to the Calendar page!

* 10/26/2010: Added the 2010/2011 Season Booster Club Membership Application and 2010/2011 introduction letter!

* 10/20/2010: Added the 2011 team photo, and gymnast headshots to Roster page

* 9/30/2010: Added photos from Joy (Selig) Petersen's induction into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame!

* 9/24/10: Updated the 2011 Official Meet Schedule!

* 9/17/10: A reminder, re: browsers, ... this website's drop-down menus do not work with IE 8 ... they do work with IE 7 (or earlier), and the current versions of Mozilla Firefox 3.x, Google Chrome 6.x, and Safari 5.x.   So with IE 8, there may be some pages you will not be able to access using the navigation bars.

* 9/12/10: Updated the Roster page for the 2011 season (no new photos yet) ... and created a 2010 Alumnae page!

* 8/29/10: Updated the 2011 Tentative Meet Schedule to correct the date of the Utah meet ... also added some times for away meets!

* 8/5/10: Latest Alumnae page: Wendy Smith!

* 7/31/10: Added the 2011 Tentative Meet Schedule!


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